Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thom's Things on Motorbikes

Thom Stead is another Fulbright ETA here in Indonesia. There are three especially cool things about Thom:

1. He lives in Ohio (Cincinnati).
2. He went to college in Indiana (Earlham).
3. He has a sub-blog in his blog ( of Things on Motorbikes.

In Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert calls the motorbike "the minivan of Indonesia." It's so true.

So I stole it to share with all of you. He said I could.

Things on Motorbikes #1:

These are obviously watermelons,
but I've also seen as many as five water-cooler-sized jugs
of water on a single motorbike, too.

Things on Motorbikes #2:

And they were all alive!

Things on Motorbikes #3:

I don't know what this guy's hauling,
but it sure is massive.

And a close-up.

Things on Motorbikes #4:

Hey, family, let's go get dessert. Everyone hop on the bike!

Things on Motorbikes #5:
(I took this one in Medan.)

When you need a goldfish on the go.


  1. Great post! And what a great idea of Thom's! The things people haul around on motorbikes here truly blows my mind on a daily basis. Seldom do I have a camera at the ready, so I'm glad you and Thom got these great shots.

  2. There is nothing more valuable on a motorbike than when it's hauling an Aunt Ketty!


    ...on second thought, no. that's believable. you should see what can be shoved in or on or both a small car in Zambia.