Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No white man of mine!

Yesterday when I came into school, there was a picture sitting face-down on my desk. It was picture of a overweight shirtless man posing strangely with some sort of electronic device.

I asked one of the teachers what it was and why it was on my desk. "Well," she said. "There is a white man in the picture, so we thought it belonged to you. Maybe it is your father? Or your boyfriend?" They seemed embarrassed. "This is not my picture, I promise! This is not my picture!" I said. They just pursed their lips and turned away.

This is not my picture:

Also, please notice the (unusually arranged, to me) map behind my desk.


  1. Maybe that's the guy they're hiring to 1)mow your grass and 2)fix your air conditioner. Oh, that's right. NO ONE is mowing your grass or fixing your air conditioner... My bad.

  2. The guy looks as though he is resting his hand on - perhaps a - meter of some kind? The little white thing in left center looks like a tag. Where, in the grand scheme of things, is the map - at school?

    >> bleah <<

  3. Your mom is too funny : )

    Haha, this made me laugh really hard. Of course the picture of the bule MUST belong to the bule. Because Indonesians never take pictures of white people...

  4. @katie's mom: there is a guy who mows the grass....i saw him one day when i came home from school. except he wasn't so much mowing as he was trimming them with scissors/ just ripping it out and throwing it into the driveway....

  5. Yup, that's what happened today. They finally sent a guy. He was ripping it out by hand. And when I got home, he said, "Do you have any scissors?" So I gave him some scissors and tried to help. Then Laely offered that she knows a guy who will cut it if I give him a pack of cigarettes. I said, "Can't I just give him money and he can buy cigarettes with it?" She said, "No, I think it is better if you buy him cigarettes."

  6. Katie, this story is hilarious!! And I love the accompanying photo too :-)

  7. LMAO! Too, too funny! That white man isn't the man of your dreams? Psh... you want the ivory tower too, huh?

    Well, they wouldn't let me bring a bed on the plane - maybe they'll allow me to get a lawn mower over there. I'll find a hot Latin man by the name of Rico, with 8-pack abs and a tush so firm you can bounce a quarter off it. Have extra pairs of scissors for him, though!