Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cool people who do cool things.

Christine's town of Depok was veryyy excited a second "bule" was visiting back in December, and nearly everyone knew I was coming. Her friend Rie even wore his best pair of pants to meet me, which is, frankly, better than what I get from most American guys.

I wrote about this in a previous blog, I think. One night, Christine and I were lounging around in her living room when Rie and his friend Anas asked us to play Uno. We invited them over. They shifted around uncomfortably before finally just saying they felt too uncomfortable being in a girl's house, especially after dark. They suggested we play in Anas's family's restaurant down the street.

"Ok," we finally agreed. "Can I go like this?" I motioned to my t-shirt and shorts.

"Ooooohh, no!" Rie said. "There is a parental advisory on your knees!"

I thought that phrase was hilarious. So I put on long pants and we dragged ourselves down the street, where I was thoroughly demolished in two consecutive card games.

But Rie made me this awesome t-shirt:

*NOTE: The phrase was "There is a parental advisory on your knees." Rie, a good Muslim boy who won't even kiss a girl until his wedding night, doesn't understand that "Parental advisory. On your knees!" has an entirely different connotation. But I'm not going to be the one to explain it.

Rie actually does freelance graphics work for a guy out of Los Angeles. He's really good. And he edited a picture of Chris and me from Bandung. Don't worry, I did not bare those shoulders on the streets of Depok.

He turned this...

...into this:

Isn't that awesome? I love that we are "100% FRESH." It's really too bad about the "on your knees" part. Although, I'm glad we're advertising only to ages 12+. ?!


  1. HAHAHA! This is hilarious and that graphic is so cute, too! I literally laughed out loud.
    I love seeing how slight changes in wording can sometimes completely change the meaning of something...oh language...

  2. Both Rie and I loved this post : )

  3. Katie--as always, an interesting blog. You come up with the most amazing ideas and experiences. You need to improve on that game of Uno. Your mother can introduce you to a guy named, "Captain Uno". The graphics are so cool. Dad

  4. "Rie, a good Muslim boy who won't even kiss a girl until his wedding night" Whoaaaa XD. Not really...hahahah. but I'm flattered so far. Btw, I like the way you wrote the story :)

  5. This is epic! I want a t-shirt of you and Christine as that graphic! That's simply amazing! I think you can bring, "There's a parental advisory on your knees" into use in the States. I can see "There's a Parental Advisory (On Your Knees)" being a hit rap song too!