Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh, you crazy kids!

Only a short video, I promise. I just want to show you what I mean when I say little kids go absolutely, insanely crazy when they see a "bule" in Palembang.

I met my friend Yanti at the elementary school where she teaches. The kids are not acting this excited because of my video camera; this is at least a minute into their rampage. Yanti says most parents here aren't interested in teaching discipline to their children and think it's their teacher's job. You can see her swoop in at the end and try to save me with some scary swatting.

Holla to Bryant for teaching me how to correctly upload a video.

When I watched the video hours after I took it, I realized it comes off as sort of adorable. And it was. But try imagining being in the middle of this frenzy. I assure you, it was cute... but also pretty intimidating. They all want to hang out with me, and if they can't hang out with me, they'll settle for touching me.


  1. "hollluhhhh..."

    I bet that's how you felt too, spinning around trying to deal with all those little kids!

  2. Hi Katie, I'm the ELF in Gorontalo and I just got the link to your blog from Alexa. Great posts! It sounds like life in Palembang is certainly challening but you have a great sense of humor to deal with it. I look forward to reading more of your posts :-). internet is way too slow to play the video you posted, but I totally hear you about people going crazy when they see a bule!

  3. oh, hilarious. that's intimidating!

  4. That is such a cute video - but I can see how it's frustrating to have that happen every where you go. Poor girl! I bet you can sell locks of your hair for an outrageous amount of money - tell them Bule hair is medicinal. If you come back bald...well, hair does grow back. ;-)

    I love you!!!


  5. Hi Katie! While the children are rather adorable, the "episode" does not seem adorable! So glad you survived!