Friday, September 25, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

Guess what I should be doing?


(That's the answer about 85% of the time when I'm procrastinating.)

I have to set my luggage outside my door at 5:00am, and the bus for the Jakarta airport leaves at 6:30am. So I need to wrestle all my new clothes and old clothes and books and medicine bottles and shower stuff into two suitcases. And I need to shower. And sleep. All within the next 5 1/2 hours. Yes, this seems like a smart time to write a blog.

Tomorrow I will arrive in Palembang, and I'll stay there for the next eight months. I won't have the internet right away, but I'm hoping to get it set up on Wednesday. Tonight I'll take my last hot shower in who knows how long. This is what I signed up for... here we go. I'll also step back an hour, so I'll be 10 hours ahead of EST.

I remember staying at Samantha's house in St. Mary's, Ohio this summer for a few days. I checked my email one morning, and I had a message from AMINEF. It said I'd been placed in Palembang, South Sumatra for the 2009-2010 school year. I looked it up when I got back to Muncie. Then, it was just a little dot on a map of a country I knew hardly anything about. In 12 hours, I'LL be on that little dot.

And take a look at this beluga whale of a baby!
It even made the front page of the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum.
This is from the island where I'm headed:


  1. Katie never was a early packer, but was an early riser!! Love, Dad

  2. You have always been taught to keep your feet on solid ground.... so why are you in a part of the world where the earth itself isn't even on solid ground? Bret

  3. Big baby... if I was there, you'd be packed, showered and snuggling with me in that bed!!!