Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This literally rocked my world.

Finding that article again to post on here... that's the first I'd heard that anyone died in the earthquake today. Originally, authorities were saying there were no casualties and no serious damages, either.

A group of 8 of us Fulbrights were in the Immigration Office in Jakarta waiting to get our identification cards when the earthquake started. We were sitting in chairs all fixed together, and it felt like someone was shaking the whole set. All of a sudden, all of the Indonesians just got up at the same time and started bolting for the stairs. So of course, we decided to run, too, once someone said it was an earthquake we were feeling.

People were rushing down the stairs, pushing and trying to get outside as quickly as they could. Luckily, we made it outside in just a few seconds from the third floor. I didn't see any damages. Even though we were allowed back into the office within a few minutes, it closed early that day, so we'll have to go back tomorrow.

We got a van ride back to the hotel, where we saw everyone (residents and travelers and our fellow Fulbrights) waiting outside and in the lobby because they evacuated the hotel. The people who were in their rooms during the earthquake say they could hear a sound in the walls and watched as long cracks formed from the floor to the ceiling.

This is all very... exciting. I feel guilty for being excited about something deadly. I feel so bad for the people who died. The earthquake came so suddenly! No warning at all. Keep their families in your thoughts?


  1. Yikes. Libations to Poseidon, that's the ticket. Friends from California have had similar experiences; they seem to have adjusted, but I'd just as soon pass.

  2. I will keep those families and you in my thoughts and PRAYERS!
    Uncle Roger

  3. Wow, glad you're safe!
    That's definitely something to add to the list of something to tell your kids some day.

  4. Glad you're OK. I thought about you as soon as I heard the news about the quake. It's kinda like a Furry Frog Adventure.