Thursday, September 24, 2009

Instead of writing 5,000 words...

I figured I'd post some more pictures! Don't worry-- I'm still planning to write one more Bandung blog before I hop on the scary plane to Palembang.

At the McDonald's here, you get rice with your combo meal!
(But they're still trying to get you to supersize it. I guess some things are universal.)

Outside of the Saung Angklung performance area... isn't this pretty?

Trying snakefruit. Not as bad as durian, but it's no dragon fruit.
(John, me)

Dago's waterfall! At least by the time you're gasping for air from the hike, you're rewarded with this scenery. Indah sekali... very beautiful.

Taking a short break from our sprint down the volcano to stop at the crater at Tangkuban Prahu. Smelled like sulfur. (me, Christine, Tyler)


  1. Yay for pictures! Thanks for posting. Everyone loves pictures, you never have to apologize for them!